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CR-NT819B Common Rail Test Bench


It adopts advanced frequency conversion technology and digital technology with automatic and manualdouble control for the rotation speed, temperature and count.Equipped with displacement sensor, it can test different kinds of mechanical fuel


  • CR-NT819B Common Rail Test Bench
  • CR-NT819B Common Rail Test Bench
  • CR-NT819B Common Rail Test Bench
  • CR-NT819B Common Rail Test Bench
  • CR-NT819B Common Rail Test Bench

Technical parameter

1. Rated output power: 11KW, 15KW optional
2. Oil pump rotation speed: 0-3500rpm
3. Test rang of rail pressure: 0-1800bar
4. Test precision of rail pressure:±0.6Mpa
5. Test precision of flow sensor: 0.5%
6.Measuring rang of flow sensor: 0.008-2L/Min
7. Temperature of test oil:40±2℃
8. Filter precision of test oil: less than 5μ
9. Capacity of tank: 80L
10. Dimension: 1760X830X1650MM
11. Aggregate weight: 800KG
12. Electricity: 380V, 50Hz, 3 phase


1.Application: Bosch,Delphi,Denso,Siemens common rail injector and pump.
2.Pump test: measure feeding and return volume,pump chamber pressure,feeding pressure,check sealing performance, and functions of ZME valve.
3.Injector test: measure the injected fuel quantity & return volume under full-loaded, idling, pre-injection and Emission status.
4. Cleaning the injectors while testing.
5. Testing 4-6 oil injectors in one setup.
6.Testing pump nozzle & electronic unit pump by additional programming system & adaptor.
7.User can add and edit the data by themselves.
8.Save and print the testing results & customer information.
9. Support software upgrading.


1.Full-automatic operation procedure, save the time to set up the data.
2.High import configuration: takes up 50% of equipment cost.
3.Bosch common rail system (external connection DRV to Bosch rail with DRV) is used.
4.Original Bosch CP1 common rail pump is equipped.
5.Germany flow sensor: flow range 0.008-2L/min, test precision 0.5%.
6.Remote control is convenient for software upgrading and after-sale service.
7.Frequency converter is used to change the rotation speed.
8.Support Multi-language.

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